Ahmed Kathrada

The death has been reported of one of South Africas golden generation of anti-apartheid heroes; Ahmed Kathrada passed away peacefully in a Johannesburg hospital “after a short period of illness, following surgery to the brain”.

Kathy as he was popularly called was among eight African National Congress activists sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964, after being convicted of trying to topple the white minority government, after his release from prison in 1989, and President Mandela’s election in 1994, President Mandela asked him to join him in government as his political adviser.

After leaving parliament in 1999, Kathrada remained active in politics, and was very vocal in his criticism of the direction of recent moves of the ANC, calling for President Jacob Zuma’s resignation.

Kathrada’s acts will remain forever in the hearts of most South Africans and Africans for his strong stand against racial discrimination during the apartheid era, under the racial discriminations amongst white and black prisoners, which he refused. : White prisoners got the most privileges, followed by those of Indian origin, while black people got the least.


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