Nigeria ranks highly among African countries (4th out of 26), with an overall rank of 45th out of 75 countries globally. A strong score for its competitive environment gives it the highest Affordability ranking in Africa and the 12th-highest of all countries included in the index. A Readiness rank of 39th out of 75 reflects a high-scoring policy environment balanced by relatively low literacy and education scores.

South Africa, Morrocco, Egypt are the three countries which earned a place before Nigeria on the list.

Countries are ranked overall and across four categories: Availability, Affordability, Relevance, and Readiness. Dots represent transformed scores (scale: 0-100 where 100=best). Choose a country to explore its performance.


This category examines the quality and breadth of available infrastructure required for access and levels of Internet usage.


This category examines the cost of access relative to income and the level of competition in the Internet marketplace.


This category examines the existence and extent of local language content and relevant content.


This category examines the capacity to access the Internet, including skills, cultural acceptance, and

supporting policy.


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