“If you want to change a people, educate them” – Nelson Mandela

Our guest on this new CHANGE MAKERS VLOG series; Kamou Biko Kaya has over six years of experience working in the community service sector, training, and coaching both students and organizations. His training focus on the principles of leadership and entrepreneurship, leveraging radio as a medium to reach more young people in his community. Kamou is co-founder and vice-president of LEBCONGO, a non-governmental organization that empowers young Congolese people by offering courses in leadership, entrepreneurship, and business.

“The challenge in Africa is our education system, most of the time we focus on the degree, we need a curriculum that will focus on degrees, and not transforming the mindset, people focus more on the degree, thats okay, but what is your contribution to the cause” .

A passionate education enthusiast, Biko shares thoughts on how young people can reclaim their place in the global space, and pioneer the next phase of the continent’s future.

Watch the full interview below.


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