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The Hash tag began trending in the social media space in South Africa after  a press briefing by, Minister of State Security David Mahlobo which hinted at the possibility of social media regulation in an attempt to counter “false narratives”.

Mahlobo claimed that instead of bringing people together in a positive way, social media has become a cesspool for negativity, lies and fake news.

“Even the best democracies that are revered, [are] regulating [social media]. Most of our challenges are coming from that space. We will discuss how we will regulate it,” he claimed.

For many South Africans, Twitter is a way to let their voices be heard. It can be argued that the democratic system of South Africa is convoluted and it’s difficult for the average citizen to participate directly.

Many South Africans have pushed back against the suggestion, criticising the ANC for focusing on a minor issue when there are more important problems to be dealt with.

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