Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo has banned the purchase of new state vehicles, as the government continues to look for more than 200 that it says went missing under the previous administration, local media report.

The moratorium applies to all government ministries, departments and agencies, A letter written by the Chief of Staff, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, dated March 21 said the ban holds until further notice, and that those affected should use the existing fleet of vehicles in their respective transport pools.

After previous transfers of power, state-owned cars have been seized from officials who did not return them.

According to Joy Online the Deputy Chief of Staff, Samuel Abu Jinapor; while Speaking on the issue on Joy FM’s Newsnite programme Monday, said the ban was necessary in order to channel the resources that would otherwise have been used for the purchase of vehicles into the implementation of government’s “ambitious” projects.

The president’s decision was backed up by the spokesman who told Joy FM that the President has been using a vehicle purchased in 2007 since his investiture and has not found the need to purchase a new one.

The ban which is indicative that the Akufo-Addo government wants to make do with the vehicles in the pool of the Presidency, is being seen a welcome development, especially in recent times when the president’s cabinet size has come under a lot of criticism.


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