Brand Africa has released the annual Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands – an annual survey and valuation of the Top 100 brands in Africa. In a representative survey across 19 countries covering every political and economic region, overall, it doesn’t bode well for African brands which have lost ground to their non-African rivals.

For Brand Africa’s 2016/17 list of Most Admired Brands in Africa, only 16 African brands made the latest list, compared to 23 in 2015. And only two are in the top 20.

During the economic downturn, African brands have regressed against non-African brands, with their share declining from 24%, 25% and 23% in 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively to only 16% this year. Non-African brands now represent an all-time high of 84% of the Top 100 most Admired Brands and account for 99.25% of the value of the Top 100 most Valuable Brands in Africa.

Africa’s best brands Despite its challenges, MTN remains the most dominant African brand ahead of its category competitors Nigeria’s Glo and Kenya’s Safaricom/Mpesa. Unsurprisingly, South Africa, the continent’s leading economy, leads with six of the 16 African brands that make the Top 100. Madagascar is represented with Three Horse Beer. Kenya has two brands, Uganda one, Tanzania one, Ethiopia one, while West Africa’s three brands are all Nigerian and North Africa has one brand in our Top 100, Morocco’s Marwa. Consistent with past surveys and valuations, Africa is not represented in any category that requires high set-up investment and research such as auto manufacturing and electronics. In a category that should be easy to enter such as apparel, the dominant brands continue to lead a continent still mesmerised by global brands and the local and international celebrities who endorse them.

Read up the full Special Report by Brand Africa on Africa’s Best Brand for 2016/2017

Brand Africa 100 provides an important metric on the progress Africa is making in creating Made in Africa brands and challenging the dominant non-African brands in Africa, and has annually ranked brands that consumers admire since 2011, and compiled the list from more than 11,000 brand mentions on a mobile survey conducted in 19 countries. This collectively represents 74 percent of the continent’s population.




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