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Friday, October 19, 2018
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Converse Africa is a movement with a focus on developing youth consciousness about development (Security, and Governance accountability), in Africa through the conversations that matter hereby empowering this generation of change makers within Africa and the world at large.

Converse Africa’s Vision:

To raise a generation of development-conscious Africans.

Converse Africa’s Mission:

To gear Africa’s Youths into a civil/ development consciousness, and an awareness of their role as game changers in the new Africa, through informed media.

Converse Africa exists to:

  • Create a Hub of resources where issues of the African youth identity and their role on the global stage are discussed, while examining how events affect them.
  •  Discuss our impact as youths in the global strata and how grounds are being broken by Africans both home and abroad.
  • Create a hub of job opportunities and networking platform for young Africans.
  • Create an intellectual hub where information is king and new and usable ideas can be used in gearing of the minds of African Youths towards self emancipation.
  • Report the often under-reported projects and issues on development and advancement causes pioneered both by NGO’s and locals.

Converse Africa is managed by a Nigerian team and our network of contributors remain mostly Africans; both home and abroad. While contributors aren’t restricted to Africans alone, articles shared are strictly those pertaining to the African Youth and development.

We receive content from new contributors, hence if you have an amazing opinion piece on representations, youth culture, governance, youth participation, or general issues affecting the African Youth, send these to


“ was birthed from the strong belief that for Africa to grow and for its young people to get a seat at a table on the global stage, we have to grow in knowledge, and the people come to a place of self-realization. Blacks both on the continent will never get the respect they deserve until we solve the challenge of leadership on the continent, and build a successful black nation or nations, one that Africans; both of the soil, and of the blood can look up to. We solve this problem by raising ethical leaders and bringing the continent to Accountability.”
– Femi Tunde Okunlola

Femi Tunde Okunlola is a Multi media Development Journalist/ Enthusiast and Writer from Nigeria, covering Africa, with a focus on Governance, security and Environment. On his passion for Africa, Femi says “When the African story is told the right way, the world will see us as such”.

This passion birthed Converse Africa; to tell powerful stories and start difficult conversations that get audiences to think, build bridges and effect changes in their communities and on the continent in the areas of Environment, security, and Governance, and contributing in shaping opinions and triggering conversations that matter, be it through content creation, to seminars to moulding opinions and triggering civil actions that aid development by Africans and for Africans.

A 2017 Obama YALI Fellow, and Radio Netherlands Alumnus, his work has garnered him nominations in the National Category of the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards Best Community Access Radio Programme (2013, 2014, 2015), and Best Newscaster National Category of the NBMA (2013, 2014, 2015). He was also a Member of the 5-man panel on the 2015 pre-election gubernatorial debate organized by the NLC/TUC Kwara state Nigeria for all fifteen gubernatorial candidates during the elections.

Through his experiences, he has enhanced his skills on grassroots communication, conflict resolution and youth advocacy. He is interested in Youth development, civic engagement and Environment.

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